Sunday, February 22, 2015

Classy Cool

While we have been having beautiful weather here in California, I can't help but feel sorry for my friends and family back on the East Coast who are buried under mounds of snow and ice. So, lets take a break from the winter gloom and remember a time that was filled with warm weather, sunshine, and nights that were comfortable enough to venture outside without a jacket. 

Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset.
There's nothing like a sunset to evoke inspiration, especially when New York City is your backdrop. I had the pleasure of having a little rooftop photo shoot a while back while visiting a friend in the city (try to imagine a time when the cityscape didn't resemble an arctic tundra). Los Angeles will forever own my heart, but NYC is a great alternative for some, and a nice place to visit on occasion! 

You never know what you might find while exploring the streets of New York, and I happened to stroll by an LF, completely unaware that they were having an annual one-day sale, with up to 70%off! Anyone familiar with this store will know that this was an incredible discovery, since their prices are generally steeper than what can be accommodated by an average college student's finances. 

I absolutely fell in love with this blue flowered dress with a cut-out middle, which I purchased for  around $30 (!!!). It's cute and fun, with just enough edge for this chic city. 

Because it was summertime, I decided to add a pop of pink lipstick to contribute to the vibrant, youthful look:

 I was captivated by the beauty surrounding me; the natural gradation of colors from the setting sun combined with the industrial flare of the city was awe-inspiring. In the bustle of the busy city, it can sometimes be hard to remember to stop and take a look around you every once in a while. In this moment, I was reminded of a quote that I have become particularly fond of: 

"And forget not that the earth delights 
to feel your bare feet and the wind longs 
to play with your hair" 
-Kahlil Gibran

However, though it is imperative that a lady know how to dress up, she must also be able to dress it down. While many girls my age op for the 'disheveled sweatpants' look, I like to remain stylish even while seeking comfort in my wardrobe. 

I try to go for a style that is casual, comfortable, and trendy.

I achieve this goal by pairing a laid-back tank top from Brandy Melville with a pair of paisley-printed lounge pants from Urban Outfitters. While these pants may be a little eccentric for some, I think that they are absolutely adorable-- and bold.  

These sunglasses are from Free People for $18 :)

 From classy to cool, these are my typical city looks. 
How do you find a balance between comfortable and cute?
Leave a comment and share your style tips!



  1. Wow ,amazing Photos :)

    Happy Monday xoxo

  2. Lovely Pictures! Can´t wait for Summer and Sun!


  3. two great looks! i really hate to be uncomfortable, so i probably wouldn't buy anything i didn't feel comfortable in. except for maybe shoes :-/

  4. Beautiful pictures. ^^
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