Friday, May 31, 2013

Costa Rican Couture

 Over Spring Break, I went to Costa Rica and volunteered at a turtle conservation called La Tortuga Feliz (an amazing non-profit organization). I spent a week protecting the habitat and eggs of Leatherback turtles, which included patrolling the beach from 12am-4am and working in the hatchery by day. It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful that I did it. While I kept my outfits pretty basic-- I mean, I was staying in the rain forest-- I still tried to incorporate my style into my comfortable, sporty look. The first step is having the perfect bathing suit.

This hot pink fringe bikini is actually Guess brand, and it came from TJ Maxx for around $30 for both pieces! It was perfect for the light and fun atmosphere of the beach. 

Unfortunately, I was not privy to a mirror or electricity and therefore didn't wear makeup for a week... Nonetheless, this flowy beach dress/cover-up came from T.J. Maxx for only $9.99! 

 Once my volunteer period was over, I had a couple days to explore and see what wonders Costa Rica has to offer (and there are many!). On one excursion, I toured a coffee plantation, the Poás Volcano, and a national park, complete with several beautiful waterfalls. 

Fortunately, I was able to stay in a hotel with electricity, mirrors, and hot water (luxuries compared to the lifestyle at the conservation) and therefore was able to properly groom and polish myself. I kept the casual look by combining a pair of jean shorts with a cute graphic muscle tee from Brandy Melville ($19!). The aviator sunglasses were a steal from Charlotte Rouse for only $5, and the satchel is from Target. 

I was able to enjoy the breath-taking sights, and really learned to appreciate the beauty of the natural world.

....I also made a few friends along the way!

Lastly...... My best advice is to NEVER pass up the opportunity for a new adventure!

"Do something every day that scares you."

I bungee jumped from the tallest jump in Central America, and one of the top ten highest in the world, free-falling for a treacherous 262 ft. The worker there said that Steve-O (Jackass) did this jump once, but couldn't jump by himself and had to be thrown off the bridge.... and I did it TWICE!

The price included one jump and a video, but after jumping the first time I learned, to my dismay, that they were unable to capture my video. They then told me I could do a second jump, for FREE, if I wanted a video. Naturally, I prepared to jump again.

Overall this was an amazing experience and I don't regret a single moment of it, despite the tiring work I endured. And I did it by myself. It is my sincere belief that a person should not hold themselves back just because they are not accompanied by their friends. I am going to do what I want, even if it means doing it alone. That way, I'll never miss out on life. It has paid off for me thus far.

If you would like information on the turtle conservation program I volunteered with, their Facebook page is

The owner is so dedicated and it was truly a pleasure to get to know him and hear his story. Here is some additional information:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

January Journeys

During the month of January, I had the pleasure of embarking on a European excursion, as part of a study-abroad class that travelled through Rome and Greece. It was a remarkable experience and I encourage anyone to visit these locations if they ever receive the chance. Here are just a few of the many (hundreds!) of photos that I took to chronicle the journey. They depict the fashions that I wore on a daily basis, as well as architecture, food and scenery that captivated me while on my trip. 


This is the Trevi Fountain of Rome. You are supposed to throw a coin over your shoulder and, if it lands in the fountain it means that you will 1) fall in love, 2) get married, or 3) return to Rome. 
I was somewhat moved by this statue/fountain, though I do not recall its name.

The Colosseum should require little explanation. It was amazing to see in person, and have the chance to go inside.

The Infinity Scarf- It was necessary to keep warm at this time of year in Europe, and this infinity scarf proved to be a practical, yet trendy accessory that was light-weight to travel with! It was purchased at H&M for under $10, and was well worth the pocket change. 

The faux fur also made an appearance in Europe, and was greatly appreciated on blistery outings, during which there was an extensive amount of walking.

I had the pleasure of seeing the Pope (before his resignation) during his papal address, after a church service at St. Paul's. He spoke in several different languages and was greeted by the cheers of hundreds of devoted, faithful supporters.
The Sistine Chapel located in Vatican City was by far one of my favorite sites in Rome. It was remarkable to see the work of Michelangelo in person, after hearing about it for so many years. (Especially since I have a strong interest in the arts)
To pay my respects, I paid a token to light a candle at one of the many churches that we visited.

 Who doesn't need a little pick-me-up during the afternoon? I'm not going to say that there's Bailey's in those cappuccinos, but I'm not going to deny it either... Hey, when in Rome, right?

The Tiber River.
I was thrilled to see the site of Pompei, though it was kind of depressing to walk around the ruins and think about the many lives lost there.
These complimentary photos depict the view from the roof of my hotel in Rome. I couldn't have asked for anything more in my stay!
You simply CANNOT ignore the food while in Rome. This was one of the best meals that I had there: shrimp and lobster with linguine, paired with the house white wine (which only cost 3 Euro for the equivalent of two generous glasses). I definitely went into a carb coma while visiting here.


 Here, the weather was a little bit warmer than in Italy, and allowed for a more extensive wardrobe. It was nice to be able to dress more freely and switch into less constricting clothing. The jean jacket shown ended up being a great decision when packing. The featured cross necklace was a birthday gift from a friend, but is known to be purchased from Urban Outfitters. 

One stop was at the Temple of Poseidon. He must have been angry that day, because the wind was out of control. We were told that it was borderline dangerous to climb to the top of the hill where the temple stood.... We went anyway.

This is the view from the top of the Acropolis. Those Steve Madden boots came in handy when walking over rocky surfaces, and were fashionable at the same time!

I almost felt as though I were in the Sound of Music up there! (yes, I know it's the wrong country). It was breezy but I was able to brave the stop without a jacket that day. 

I am always a fan of crosses, as you can see by my cut-out lace-cross shirt. It is more of a sweater/long-sleeve hybrid.

We even visited a castle by the sea! The boots definitely came in handy while walking up this steep, rocky terrain (in the rain!). 

This is a full shot of the Temple of Poseidon, depicted earlier. It is from the reverse side of the temple.

One day, we enjoyed a boat trip over to the island of Aegina, complete with many beautiful sea views.

 This is a shot from on the island, at the harbor where we lunched.

This final photo is the site of the Temple of Apollo. Despite the many columns and temples we saw, the architecture never ceased to amaze me. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Unfortunately, I have lost touch with my blog (and all of you!) this past semester. However, it is one of my New Years resolutions to do a better job of keeping up with it! Though, I must mention that I am about to embark on a trip to Europe for the next three weeks, and will probably have very little Internet access. I will continue to blog and upload pics upon my return home! 

Happy 2013! Here is my first post of the new year:

 Fur Couture

What better way to make a statement in the winter than with some fabulous furs?! You will look like a winter princess while simultaneously keeping snug and warm! I dragged these pieces out of the closet and dusted them off for a snowy outing in New Hampshire. They belong to the mother of a close friend of mine. Since fur is so expensive, I don't think I could ever own any unless it were inherited.

Fur can be unisex- all you need is a fierce attitude and a confident demeanor.

Get The Look For Less

For those of us who cannot afford the real thing, there are several faux fur options that are stylish, and even convincing. This faux fur jacket was purchased on-sale from Urban Outfitters for a stunning $39.99 (originally over $140)! Talk about a markdown! The following pictures were taken in various areas of downtown Boston.

 The leopard print gloves were also purchased at Urban Outfitters on-sale for $9.99!