Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Portuguese Paradise

During my travels in picturesque Portugal, I visited some incredible places and landmarks. The pictures featured in this post are from the Monastery in Alcobaça, Portugal. It had some beautiful architecture and, no doubt, a lot of history. I am lucky enough to have a friend with family in the area, because we had an apartment to ourselves that we were welcome to stay in. Being a college student on a budget, that detail made the trip affordable enough. And, being surrounded by all of the scenic views, I made sure that I dressed to match.

Above is the courtyard of the Monastery in Alcobaça.

I admired the sheer beauty of my surroundings, grateful to experience such marvelous places.

This gorgeous halter maxi dress came from H&M last summer. I love the depictions of nature combined with the bright colors that make up the pattern of the dress. It was also conservative enough to wear to the Monastery, since it is hangs down to floor-level.

The sandals that I am wearing came from Urban Outfitters for only $29. They are cute, affordable, and (most importantly) comfortable. Even during long day trips, I managed to get by wearing these sandals.

When we weren't traveling to other towns and cities to sight-see, we enjoyed the beach, and the view from our own balcony.
Above is the view from the apartment balcony in Nazare, Portugal.

And don't forget about those Portuguese sunsets.....

The shot above was taken at the local beach in Nazare.